A unique injection technology for natural cell rejuvenation

A Swiss method for autologous tissue cell regeneration using the patient’s plasma enriched with viable platelets.

Swiss quality and maximum safety

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We use the unique Swiss plasma lift method RegenLab to restore the skin from the inside and to give it a powerful impulse to activate natural rejuvenation without the use of machines and surgical methods.

Plasma lift RegenLab is a Swiss cell rejuvenation technology, which provides noticeable rejuvenation, tightening, and improvement in the quality of the skin on the face and body using injections of the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma.

We can now not only obtain platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s blood at our clinic, but also apply an innovative system for the purification and separation of blood into fractions using special filters installed in Regen ACR tubes. After the blood is filtered and centrifuged, the patient receives an injectable biomaterial – an autogel with excellent qualities, which not only contains all the live cells, but also an important protein called fibrin, as well as platelets, which initiate cell regeneration and contain fibroblast and cellular matrix growth factors.

Indications for the procedure: Age-related changes in the skin of the face and body, dry skin, couperose, photodamaged skin, acne and post-acne, hypotrophic scars and stria, preparation and recovery from invasive and high-power procedures (laser buffing and deep chemical peelings, surgeries, etc.), hair loss, alopecia of various aetiologies.

Contraindications: Acute infectious disease, viral infections and common cold, allergic reactions to the components of the product, pregnancy and lactation, oncological diseases, epilepsy, any acute illness.

Treatment result: Plasma injections into problem areas help significantly reduce the number of wrinkles, restore skin flexibility and glow, and noticeably improve hair quality.

What do you need to know about the procedure?

A certain amount of blood is taken from the patient’s vein via a non-invasive procedure, which is then placed into special Regen ACR tubes. Completely sterile and equipped with special filters, these are also registered for invivo use. Then the tubes with blood are placed into the Regenlab centrifuge, which has a special inclination for the tubes. The blood is centrifuged for 5 minutes and then separated into fractions and purified from unwanted white and red blood cells. Regen ACR tubes contain one more professional secret – sodium citrate, which is an anticoagulant. Then the resulting autogel is injected using a special technique into the deep layers of the patient’s dermis where it starts acting on all layers and structures of the skin immediately.

The recommended Swiss plasma lifting course consists of 4 procedures per year.

RegenLab PRP-treatment products are made in Switzerland according to the highest ISO standards in a sterile lockable Clean Room environment.

Side effects are rather rare and may manifest as insignificant bruising or redness in the injection area.

RegenLab is a recognised leader in ACR (autologous cellular rejuvenation). This mysterious term describes a therapy method which uses the patient’s own cells to perform manipulations with them outside the patient’s body to reintroduce them back into the donor afterwards. The achievement of RegenLab is the invention and further improvement of a unique technology for obtaining a rejuvenating autogel from blood plasma. The technology is unique because the maximum number of platelets maintain their viability and regenerating potential.

There are three types of tubes: blue, red, and gold. They have different purposes and are made for different procedures.

PRP-therapy has broad application in cosmetology, gynaecology, and for the hair of the head (it helps strengthen the hair and fight alopecia).

StarWalker® MaQX Fotona

Laser hair removal




Platelet-Rich Plasma

Patented Swiss technology

Excellent result

Improves the elasticity and density of the skin


Does not cause allergy


Face and neck area
Hair growth restoration therapy

Standart price

Face and neck area
250.00 €
Hair growth restoration therapy
240.00 €

Discount price

Face and neck area
200.00 €
Hair growth restoration therapy
200.00 €

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  • Laser hair removal
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  • Acne and post-acne treatment
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