Janus Pro sunlike

Complex 3D skin analysis in 4 spectrums

Janus Pro Sunlike analysis machine opens up new possibilities in cosmetology by providing information about invisible processes in the skin.

Advanced diagnostics

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How can you determine your skin aging stage? Which procedures are more suitable for you – laser or ultrasound treatments? At our clinic, before preparing an individual rejuvenation and correction plan, we perform a computerised 3D assessment of your skin using the ultrasound device Janus Pro Sunlike.

Janus Pro Sunlike is an extremely powerful tool for a complex assessment of skin structure because visual examination of the skin by a specialist does not always show hidden problems.

The device can perform skin assessment according to 18 parameters using the improved system Sunlike LED and UV LED 385 nm.

Janus Pro Sunlike gives specific personalised recommendations for machine and cosmetic treatments in the form of charts and images, which are easier for the patient to understand.

Indications: Age-related skin changes, acne, cicatrices, scars, post-acne, pigmentation, signs of photoaging, enlarged and clogged pores, impaired function of the sebaceous glands, rosacea, couperose.

Contraindications: The procedure has no contraindications.

Result of the analysis: Allows determining the size of the pores, the depth of wrinkles and acne. Helps with pigmentation removal in the top layers of the dermis. Measures the sebum, porphyrin, keratin levels, and the pigmentation areas in the deep layers of the dermis.

What do you need to know about the procedure?

  • Before the start of the analysis, a specialist will remove any decorative makeup to ensure that the data are correct.
  • Photos of the patient will be taken in 4 spectrums.
  • After the processing of the data, the specialist will describe the information in detail and select the best possible programme for the required result.

Facial analysis takes just 30 minutes.

At the end, the system creates an individual diagnostic map. The data are presented on the map in the form of charts and images, making the information easier for the patient to understand.

At the end of each block on the diagnostic map, the system provides the most specific and personalised recommendations for selecting machine and cosmetic treatments.

All the data are saved in the software. They can be used later for comparison with the treatment results for full appreciation.

The diagnostic map can be sent to the patient’s mobile phone.

Janus Pro Sunlike computerised analysis is completely safe! Moreover, the Violeds technology eliminates 99.9% of the COVID-19 virus and other microbes. Disinfection works in two modes: continuous disinfection (UV-А) and focused disinfection (UV-С).

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Completely safe

No different than a normal photo

The doctor obtains specific data

Allows selecting effective treatments

You receive specific information

Complete information about the condition of your skin


Computerised 3D skin analysis

Standart price

3D ādas datordiagnostika
30.00 €

Discount price

3D ādas datordiagnostika
30.00 €

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